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For Pet Owners

What to Expect

 Hearing that your pet has heart disease is very scary! We want to help you and your pet by providing diagnostics in collaboration with your family veterinarian in the clinic or hospital that you are familiar with. Crux Veterinary Cardiology Consulting can bring cardiac diagnostics to your veterinarian’s office to provide detailed analysis and treatment recommendations for your family.

On the day of your pet’s appointment we ask that you drop them off at your veterinarian’s office for a period of time. During this time Dr. Schutrumpf will come to the office for a full consultation including an examination, review of all records and previously performed tests, and any diagnostics needed. This will start with an echocardiogram (an ultrasound of the heart) and may also include electrocardiography (an ECG or EKG which allows for evaluation of the electrical system of the heart), blood pressure assessment, or Holter monitoring (24 hour ECG).

After the consultation is complete Dr. Schutrumpf will review all the findings with your veterinarian and provide them with a written report. Written discharges will also be provided for your veterinarian to provide and review with you. This will include information about the diagnosis, prognosis, recommendations for treatment, and information about any follow up needed. Your veterinarian will be able to contact Dr. Schutrumpf for any further discussion needed about your pet’s care.