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For Veterinarians

Working Together

 Collaboration is a wonderful thing! We aim to provide the highest level of collaborative medicine by working with you in your own hospital or clinic to assess pets and come up with the best options for care. To book an appointment for a patient simply call or email and we’ll start the process.

We will schedule a time for Dr. Schutrumpf to come to your office. Before this we will send a patient history form to be filled out and used in the visit report. On the day of the consultation the pet can be dropped off by their person. We will make every effort to have a set time frame so pets will not have to wait for an extended period of time. All that is needed during the consultation is a space to set up a portable echo table and the ultrasound machine, such as an exam room. We will also need the help of a veterinary technician or assistant for restraint.

Once the consultation is complete Dr. Schutrumpf will discuss the case with you. In most cases we will provide a written report and any relevant discharges at the end of the consultation. In complicated cases we may need to email reports and discharges later in the day.